The battle between democracy and authoritarian rule.

Jan 2021

The battle in Myanmar which is old Burma has been wrestling for decades.

Two political parties. One western style democracy the other authoritative communist style army controlled.

The democrats win the election and the opposing army party cries fraudulent election . On the eve of the new parliament sitting today 1st Feb 2021. The democratic leaders have disappeared , been abducted .

The western world opposes the coup of course. This story makes American politics look tame in comparison.

Looks like this is a coup by the army ( alternate party)

How to turn the election around in one day and Myanmar a communist country. Just abduct the leaders and takeover.
China took Hong Kong in a similar way.

The Myanmar army have close ties with Nth Korea and China so we know where this is going. Communism expanding across the globe.

The cancel culture is in over drive

A branch of the politically correct movement that seeks to self righteously remove history by destroying names of streets, statues honouring past famous people, removing plaques.

The main reason being touted as removing historical memories of racism. I think most of this movement is from the Black lives matter campaign which seeks revenge for past mistreatment..

There is significant support from the ranks of the white skin and a cleansing of British , American and Australian Imperialism is underway.

Removing photos off walls and obliterating memories of a colonial past.

This link below highlights some of the activities of cancel culture happening in the UK currently.

Scroll down to comments as l will add new information as it comes .

Big Brother watching you.

COVID has brought with it an exponential growth in surveillance.

In Australia mandatory QR code’s on your phone to register your presence in sit down restaurants. Western Australia has gone a step further.

You will be required to register your entry in to just about every business there is Government and private.

Read on


Follow the comments below l will add new information there. Feel free to add or comment.

Countries or states banning abortion

Great to see there is still impetus topreserve the right of an unborn child to live.

Here and in the comments section below l will pay information on this topic


Strictly NO abortion.

There are very few exemptions.

The America he knew is gone. Dead.

Blogger Dr Dan laments the changes to America . An honest appraisal of how America has changed.

Recommended reading.

My comments.

I am elderly an have lived in Australia. I will say we have changed like America. l suppose if you like the progressive new look the world looks ok. But as a conservative Christian l hate the changes and pretty much stay away.

Zero carbon emissions. What is being banned now?

San Francisco is banning gas installations to all new homes. They already supply the state with 70% renewable power which l think is remarkable.

Their main supply will be electrical power from the grid for new homes.


General Motors will stop all tail pipe emissions from its small cars by 2035

Biden is converting all Govt cars to electric immediately.

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