I got suspended from Twitter. I dumped them.

Freedom of speech!

Yesterday the 1st of January 2020 l was suspended from twitter for posting .

“Re Vaccination. Caveat Emptor let the recipient beware”

l was not willing to undo my tweet as l thought that my comment is valid. We should research the risks and make an informed decision.

Personally l am fed up with all this petty politically correct bullying, cancel culture and degrading of the right to view your values and attitudes.

I have started this blog as an alternative where l comment on current news. Feel free to comment.

Published by weathercycles

Retired science teacher Amateur weather and climate analyst Public education : Concerned the IPCC and other climate and weather bureaus do not adequately emphasise the importance of cycles in our weather. Commenced this site : July 2013

18 thoughts on “I got suspended from Twitter. I dumped them.

  1. Donald Trump has been suspended and banned from the usual suspects
    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
    Also banned from a site that advertises his business merchandise.


    There are calls from prominent people to regulate social media.

    That means to ban free speech and only allow politically correct ideology on social media
    This of course is communist style censorship. Social engineering New world order style.
    I was disappointed Trump bowed down to their demands. He deleted posts. He unfortunately submitted.
    He must have enough money to make his own social media platform.

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    1. All social media has banned Trump.
      We have a communist politically correct dictatorial social media.
      I dumped Facebook years ago, Twitter a few days ago when l was suspended. I have dumped Google browser for DuckDuckGo. They are all new world order manipulators. I will have nothing to do with them
      Trump reckons he is going to start his own social media outlet.
      Google has also suspended Parler.A free speech platform. This is outrageous. I hope the population dumps these companies that aspire to rule the world


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