Family doctor Dr Jereth Kok suspended by Australian medical board for social media posts

source: Family voice Australia. ‘On point ‘ magazine a January 2021.

Sounds like something the Chinese communist party would do. Not Australia. I say with heavy heart that we have lost the battle for free speech in Australia. BTW there was no battle. Australians have been observing this downward slide and attacks on our freedom to speak for a decade now.

You cannot hold down any job white or blue collar if you publish politically incorrect views on social media.

l felt saddened when l considered this doctor had studied for years at university to become a doctor. Held a successful practice for 15yrs. Now the rug is pulled out under his professional and family life. Gone!!

I can only advise. Never travel to China you may never return . Never trust media and people. Never voice your views if you want to hold a job or profession.
If you are not politically correct in your attitudes you will never be a doctor, teacher, nurse, Sportsman, lawyer, judge. The list is extensive. Let’s go further. Small business is lobbying to mandate compulsory vaccinations. That means if your an anti Vaccer you can’t work in small business.

As we continue to be bullied into submission by people, media and government l am reminded that authoritarian Communism is strangling our free western world.

I think it’s too late. I am not sure?
I hope Ex doctor Kok can find employment for his family and somehow have his self esteem restored. Maybe he will become a great freedom fighter taking donations from you and me.

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In August 2019, GP Dr Jereth Kok was suspended indefinitely.
2 anonymous complaints about what he had said on social media.

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