Australian made and owned supermarket items

Since the CCP has been cancelling Australian exports into China like Barley, red meat, lobster, wine, timber and now coal. (2020/21 initially)

Also in protest of slave labour camps and unjust detention of dissidents and free spoken people in China


because the CCP have the Re-written the Holy Bible. !!!!

I have made a decision to boycott China owned and made products if possible

My efforts have been underway for a month now and the first hurdle was needing to take a pair of spectacles into the supermarket with me to read the small print.
The next problem to my horrors is the extent of Chinese imports into our supermarkets and in fact all of our stores.🥺

My next revelation was to find out some products made in England, Bangladesh, India etc were Chinese owned factories. Some likely slave Labor camps.

You must use a web browser ( may l suggest ‘DuckDuckGo’ ) to research the company information. You will be surprised.

I decided if l couldn’t buy made/owned in Australia , my default would be to purchase off our allies .( USA, UK, Europe, ew Zealand etc) or to buy in opportunity shops.

I also found out 95% of our plastics in Australia are imported from China.
If Australia supports the USA in defending Taiwan in the event of an invasion . China is likely to reciprocate by denying us critical imports like food wraps and trays. This would halt our food chain and supply would dry up in days of panic buying. We don’t have plastic making factories .

This is a national emergency. Surely the government has thought this through?

How could the ACCC allow such monopolies in Australia on our shelves?

We are in a precarious situation folks.!🥵

In the comments below l will add what l have done so far as to not buying CCP products including products with plastic wrap.
I will list Australian made and owned products and company information that l purchase. For example Sorbent toilet paper and Handee paper towel ( Solaris paper: listed on stock exchange )

Please feel free to add.

This is a long piece of research so one product at a time. Added in the comment section.

Continued in comment section . Click on link

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Retired science teacher Amateur weather and climate analyst Public education : Concerned the IPCC and other climate and weather bureaus do not adequately emphasise the importance of cycles in our weather. Commenced this site : July 2013

6 thoughts on “Australian made and owned supermarket items

  1. Sorbent toilet paper made in Australia.
    Factory is in Box Hill Victoria.
    Handee paper towel same company Solaris paper. Probably made in Boxhill Vic?
    Consider that the plastic wrapping probably comes from China and if China suspends import of the plastic wrapping the product will not make it on to the Australian supermarkets shelves. There is nothing wrong with stocking up on these non perishable items. Avoid the panic if conflict breaks out in the South China Sea.

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  2. Decor plastic containers suspended from Kmart stores and replaced by Chinese made alternative.
    Read about a customers frustration with Kmart.

    Boycott them l say. Try online or l am buying Salvation Army op shop. Bought a plastic container today for fridge $2.
    I am so angry about this monopolistic buying from our mega businesses 😡🥵😱😡🥵🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

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  3. I went researching who owns Birdseye today. Wikipedia tells me US owned ( our allies; tick)
    However also told me countries have their own rights what ever that means.
    Birdseye Australian lessee? Is called
    Simplot’. This is a massive company supplying many of our Australian made brands in supermarkets. Thank goodness. A long list of our popular brands here

    They employ Australians and have a number of manufacturing plants here.
    My tip.
    Sponsor them and keep them healthy
    Great my favourite spaghetti bowl’ sauce is one of theirs. Raguletto!

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