Chinese global dominion

This is a great essay outlining the plans of the great dragon for global dominion.
Highly recommend reading 2021

Insightful geopolitics

Jam packed with FACTS

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9 thoughts on “Chinese global dominion

  1. Pacific island Palau an alli of Taiwan and western Nations has a new President. He warned at his inauguration speech that Chinese govt were working to secure support from Pacific islands using the belt and road infrastructure and debt strategy.
    Some islands like the solomons have already swapped allegiance from the west to China.
    Taiwan is friendly with the island of Palau.
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  2. Great to see Australia has not been harmed by Chinese ban on many of our imports. Beef, wheat,barley, timber, wine, lobster. Propoganda that our cherries are inferior ( yet the best l ever had this year).
    Australia has put a halt to Chinese economic conquest by banning Huawei , Chinese purchase of infrastructure.
    They have also criticised China over COVID 19 lack of transparency and human rights violations. Also we are supporting the USA in defending Taiwan from invasion and the South China Sea.
    So China is punishing us.
    It would seem China still needs our iron ore and other countries are interested in our wares.
    Good news Australia.Our trade balance is in tact and China has not been successful in punishing us.

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  3. New Zealand trade minister reckons Australia is handling China all wrong.
    They say. Follow us.
    New Zealand is willing to turn a blind eye to China Taiwan/Hong Kong invasion and human rights violations.
    They have re consolidated a free trade deal and are all smug about it.
    I don’t think New Zealand will be assisting the US if war breaks out in Taiwan.
    They will just keep a low profile and turn a blind eye.


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