America under Biden.

Social engineering. Re program the Republicans and cult of Trump supporters.

Make people ashamed to be a Republican. Make others fearful of them. Liken Republicans to domestic terrorists and ISIS . Create a 9/11 inquiry into Republican thought processes

I am not kidding you. Read on from link and definitely watch the video

Published by weathercycles

Retired science teacher Amateur weather and climate analyst Public education : Concerned the IPCC and other climate and weather bureaus do not adequately emphasise the importance of cycles in our weather. Commenced this site : July 2013

7 thoughts on “America under Biden.

  1. Drones that can target domestic terrorists for execution in the USA.
    This woman was involved in that policy and is now leading Biden’s National security .
    Her name is Avril Haines

    Wikipedia doesn’t speak well of her. Won’t be long before this info disappears from Wikipedia

    Keep in mind Democratic leaders are calling Republicans domestic terrorists.


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