Are Media Moguls too powerful ?

I believe so. πŸ€₯

Social engineering


Fake news


The Australian government has been trying to pass legislation to make Google pay for Australian news content.

After all services are not for free and companies using services should pay for the service provided and pay tax.

Well you would expect an outcry from a Google as for them this demand from Aussie govt would spread to other world governments.

Google has taken a stand and said . If we are forced to pay , we are bailing out of Australia. No Google search engine for us.

Personally l would like to see this politically biassed organisation loose some of their power. Their social engineering agenda is horrific. Censoring politically incorrect content. They have much too much power.

Personally l believe the government should cut them down to size.

Maybe giving incentives to search engine providers who are willing to pay there way.

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Retired science teacher Amateur weather and climate analyst Public education : Concerned the IPCC and other climate and weather bureaus do not adequately emphasise the importance of cycles in our weather. Commenced this site : July 2013

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