Bigots vs Bigots

Definition of Bigot

‘ One who is strongly partial to ones own group, religion, race or politics.

And is intolerant of those who differ.

Hands up all the bigots.😡

Well if we admit we can all be bigoted on some issues

I put my hand up l am a bigot when in comes to Bible teaching. I am a literal believer and if anyone disagrees that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God , l am adamant they are wrong.

So me and Margaret Court and others are technically bigots if you please.

Now Mr Daniel Andrews Victorian Australian Premier is also a bigot.

He vehemently dislikes people who spout the Bible and Say God says Sexual immorality is a sin and that includes LBTQ sexual activity.

So here we have it. Bigot meets bigot.

From the link below you will read Bigot Mr Andrews spouting off his dislike for Tennis legend Margaret Court for her stance against gay relationships and marriage. Margaret now a Pastor in Western Australia will be honoured in Australia Day ( Some bigots call it invasion day), 26th Jan 2021 to commemorate the landing of captain cool and our now multi national country.

Mr Andrews degrades Margaret and demonises her. He calls for her honor award to be cancelled.

No doubt the Tennis Open players and organisers will have their annual bigoted drama over the naming of a Tennis court in Australia named after the tennis legend and Bible loving Margaret Court.When the Australian Open starts next week.

Here is a transcript of Mr Andrews Bigoted targeted attack of Margaret.


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3 thoughts on “Bigots vs Bigots

  1. Oh heat we go . I knew this wasn’t going to be the end of this.
    Bigot Clara tuck Ming soo . Canberra doctor in Australia has returned her Australia Day honor from 2016 siting she doesn’t support the council of the order of Australia s values on promoting a woman who says hurtful things about the LGBT community.
    The is a lot of bigoted hypocrisy here of course as she hurts Margaret Court Publicly on national news. The Canberra doctor obviously doesn’t like Bible teaching and this move promotes hate of Christian Bible and believers.
    I personally hurt by her criticism of Margaret Court who is a hero in my books.
    Anyway what’s her religious belief got to do with her legend status as a tennis player. This is anti Christian hate and bigotry at its best.

    Read on from the source here.


  2. Another Bigot returns Australia Day honor in protest against Margaret Courts honor.
    Kerry O BRIEN was a Current affairs presenter in Australia.
    He calls Pastor Court and Tennis legend a divisive and repulsive. Maybe Mr O BRIEN needs to look in his own backyard creating division and dislike between the politically correct left and the conservative right many of whom are Bible believing Christians
    Shame on you O BRIEN you are no friend of mine. You are a bigoted Christian hater. If you still had a TV show l would ban it from my viewing.
    Let our opinions be free.
    Australian anthem’we are one and free’

    I believe Mr O BRIEN doesn’t believe this song , we are one. In his viewpoint conservative christians are not included in his definition of being as one with our multi ethnicity and multi religions.
    This is in Australian of him and discriminatory.


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