The battle between democracy and authoritarian rule.

Jan 2021

The battle in Myanmar which is old Burma has been wrestling for decades.

Two political parties. One western style democracy the other authoritative communist style army controlled.

The democrats win the election and the opposing army party cries fraudulent election . On the eve of the new parliament sitting today 1st Feb 2021. The democratic leaders have disappeared , been abducted .

The western world opposes the coup of course. This story makes American politics look tame in comparison.

Looks like this is a coup by the army ( alternate party)

How to turn the election around in one day and Myanmar a communist country. Just abduct the leaders and takeover.
China took Hong Kong in a similar way.

The Myanmar army have close ties with Nth Korea and China so we know where this is going. Communism expanding across the globe.

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Retired science teacher Amateur weather and climate analyst Public education : Concerned the IPCC and other climate and weather bureaus do not adequately emphasise the importance of cycles in our weather. Commenced this site : July 2013

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