The America he knew is gone. Dead.

Blogger Dr Dan laments the changes to America . An honest appraisal of how America has changed. Recommended reading. My comments. I am elderly an have lived in Australia. I will say we have changed like America. l suppose if you like the progressive new look the world looks ok. But as a conservative ChristianContinue reading “The America he knew is gone. Dead.”

Horrific persecution of Christians in Hindu districts of India

A group of Indian converts from animal spirotist tribal faith to Christianity have had their church torn down and burnt. Their lives threatened and told by police they are not permitted to pray in the village and they should move. The village is 97% Hindu the other 3% is Christian and Muslim.

Islam and Christianity don’t mix.

The dialogue in the Bible and Quran makes these religions adversaries. For those who read scripture as truth. They can’t be reconciled together. Let’s build the evidence. ————————————- Pakistani mobs riot and burn Christian houses and churches as a Pastor publishes Islamic blasphemy on Facebook. Christian’s should leave Pakistan and move to a Christian friendlyContinue reading “Islam and Christianity don’t mix.”

You Are Here — Biblical End Times by

I was driving down the highway the other day when a thought suddenly occurred to me and the words audibly came out of my mouth, “You are here.” At first I wasn’t sure exactly how to explain what that meant. Then I was suddenly struck with the stark realization that everything I’ve been waiting for […]Continue reading “You Are Here — Biblical End Times by”

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