Are Media Moguls too powerful ?

I believe so. 🤥 Social engineering Monopoly Fake news ———/————/———/———-/ The Australian government has been trying to pass legislation to make Google pay for Australian news content. After all services are not for free and companies using services should pay for the service provided and pay tax. Well you would expect an outcry fromContinue reading “Are Media Moguls too powerful ?”

Bigots vs Bigots

Definition of Bigot ‘ One who is strongly partial to ones own group, religion, race or politics. And is intolerant of those who differ. Hands up all the bigots.😡 Well if we admit we can all be bigoted on some issues I put my hand up l am a bigot when in comes to BibleContinue reading “Bigots vs Bigots”

America under Biden.

Social engineering. Re program the Republicans and cult of Trump supporters. Make people ashamed to be a Republican. Make others fearful of them. Liken Republicans to domestic terrorists and ISIS . Create a 9/11 inquiry into Republican thought processes I am not kidding you. Read on from link and definitely watch the video

Horrific persecution of Christians in Hindu districts of India

A group of Indian converts from animal spirotist tribal faith to Christianity have had their church torn down and burnt. Their lives threatened and told by police they are not permitted to pray in the village and they should move. The village is 97% Hindu the other 3% is Christian and Muslim.

Islam and Christianity don’t mix.

The dialogue in the Bible and Quran makes these religions adversaries. For those who read scripture as truth. They can’t be reconciled together. Let’s build the evidence. ————————————- Pakistani mobs riot and burn Christian houses and churches as a Pastor publishes Islamic blasphemy on Facebook. Christian’s should leave Pakistan and move to a Christian friendlyContinue reading “Islam and Christianity don’t mix.”

Chinese radical social engineering of undesirables

The reports in newspapers are coming in daily about human control, manipulation, slave Labor camps, compulsory re programming,removal of children from their parents, people going missing,fabricated court trials. Extreme fear of talking to people from other countries The story below from this link describes how a family has been decimated by Chinese authorities because theyContinue reading “Chinese radical social engineering of undesirables”

Australian made and owned supermarket items

Since the CCP has been cancelling Australian exports into China like Barley, red meat, lobster, wine, timber and now coal. (2020/21 initially) Also in protest of slave labour camps and unjust detention of dissidents and free spoken people in China AND because the CCP have the Re-written the Holy Bible. !!!! I have made aContinue reading “Australian made and owned supermarket items”

Family doctor Dr Jereth Kok suspended by Australian medical board for social media posts

source: Family voice Australia. ‘On point ‘ magazine a January 2021. Sounds like something the Chinese communist party would do. Not Australia. I say with heavy heart that we have lost the battle for free speech in Australia. BTW there was no battle. Australians have been observing this downward slide and attacks on our freedomContinue reading “Family doctor Dr Jereth Kok suspended by Australian medical board for social media posts”

Alibaba founder Jack Ma is missing after criticising Chinese government and banks Jack Ma is the 2nd richest man in China. Famous as the founder of highly successful company Alibaba. I stumbled across this business when l was trying to find bags not made in China in the supermarket, Australia. l bought paper bags as they said made in Vietnam. When l got home l googledContinue reading “Alibaba founder Jack Ma is missing after criticising Chinese government and banks”

I got suspended from Twitter. I dumped them.

Freedom of speech! Yesterday the 1st of January 2020 l was suspended from twitter for posting . “Re Vaccination. Caveat Emptor let the recipient beware” l was not willing to undo my tweet as l thought that my comment is valid. We should research the risks and make an informed decision. Personally l am fedContinue reading “I got suspended from Twitter. I dumped them.”

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