The cancel culture is in over drive

A branch of the politically correct movement that seeks to self righteously remove history by destroying names of streets, statues honouring past famous people, removing plaques. The main reason being touted as removing historical memories of racism. I think most of this movement is from the Black lives matter campaign which seeks revenge for pastContinue reading “The cancel culture is in over drive”

Big Brother watching you.

COVID has brought with it an exponential growth in surveillance. In Australia mandatory QR code’s on your phone to register your presence in sit down restaurants. Western Australia has gone a step further. You will be required to register your entry in to just about every business there is Government and private. Read on reading “Big Brother watching you.”

Are Media Moguls too powerful ?

I believe so. 🤥 Social engineering Monopoly Fake news ———/————/———/———-/ The Australian government has been trying to pass legislation to make Google pay for Australian news content. After all services are not for free and companies using services should pay for the service provided and pay tax. Well you would expect an outcry fromContinue reading “Are Media Moguls too powerful ?”

Bigots vs Bigots

Definition of Bigot ‘ One who is strongly partial to ones own group, religion, race or politics. And is intolerant of those who differ. Hands up all the bigots.😡 Well if we admit we can all be bigoted on some issues I put my hand up l am a bigot when in comes to BibleContinue reading “Bigots vs Bigots”

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