Australian General Predicts China-US War — END TIMES PROPHECY

Many recent articles (including this one) have quoted Australian Jim Molan stating his views that we should expect Australia and the United States to be at war with China “in the next three to five years.” Molan, former Australian Army Major-General, now serves in Parliament (like a US Senator) and was reviewing Australia’s future military […]Continue reading “Australian General Predicts China-US War — END TIMES PROPHECY”

I got suspended from Twitter. I dumped them.

Freedom of speech! Yesterday the 1st of January 2020 l was suspended from twitter for posting . “Re Vaccination. Caveat Emptor let the recipient beware” l was not willing to undo my tweet as l thought that my comment is valid. We should research the risks and make an informed decision. Personally l am fedContinue reading “I got suspended from Twitter. I dumped them.”

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