Are Media Moguls too powerful ?

I believe so. 🤥

Social engineering


Fake news


The Australian government has been trying to pass legislation to make Google pay for Australian news content.

After all services are not for free and companies using services should pay for the service provided and pay tax.

Well you would expect an outcry from a Google as for them this demand from Aussie govt would spread to other world governments.

Google has taken a stand and said . If we are forced to pay , we are bailing out of Australia. No Google search engine for us.

Personally l would like to see this politically biassed organisation loose some of their power. Their social engineering agenda is horrific. Censoring politically incorrect content. They have much too much power.

Personally l believe the government should cut them down to size.

Maybe giving incentives to search engine providers who are willing to pay there way.

Bigots vs Bigots

Definition of Bigot

‘ One who is strongly partial to ones own group, religion, race or politics.

And is intolerant of those who differ.

Hands up all the bigots.😡

Well if we admit we can all be bigoted on some issues

I put my hand up l am a bigot when in comes to Bible teaching. I am a literal believer and if anyone disagrees that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God , l am adamant they are wrong.

So me and Margaret Court and others are technically bigots if you please.

Now Mr Daniel Andrews Victorian Australian Premier is also a bigot.

He vehemently dislikes people who spout the Bible and Say God says Sexual immorality is a sin and that includes LBTQ sexual activity.

So here we have it. Bigot meets bigot.

From the link below you will read Bigot Mr Andrews spouting off his dislike for Tennis legend Margaret Court for her stance against gay relationships and marriage. Margaret now a Pastor in Western Australia will be honoured in Australia Day ( Some bigots call it invasion day), 26th Jan 2021 to commemorate the landing of captain cool and our now multi national country.

Mr Andrews degrades Margaret and demonises her. He calls for her honor award to be cancelled.

No doubt the Tennis Open players and organisers will have their annual bigoted drama over the naming of a Tennis court in Australia named after the tennis legend and Bible loving Margaret Court.When the Australian Open starts next week.

Here is a transcript of Mr Andrews Bigoted targeted attack of Margaret.


America under Biden.

Social engineering. Re program the Republicans and cult of Trump supporters.

Make people ashamed to be a Republican. Make others fearful of them. Liken Republicans to domestic terrorists and ISIS . Create a 9/11 inquiry into Republican thought processes

I am not kidding you. Read on from link and definitely watch the video

Horrific persecution of Christians in Hindu districts of India

A group of Indian converts from animal spirotist tribal faith to Christianity have had their church torn down and burnt. Their lives threatened and told by police they are not permitted to pray in the village and they should move. The village is 97% Hindu the other 3% is Christian and Muslim.

Biblical History

I came across this excellent blog article about Ethiopia and Christianity.

I country so far away from Australia, yet the very cradle of human civilisation from the story of genesis , the flood of Noah’s day and the possibility that the ark of the covenant was stored there for safe keeping.

Home to the Queen of Sheba who bore a child to King Solomon.

Over 90% of Ethiopians are Christian orthodox. They have 82 books in their Bible as opposed to the King James English version of 66 books.

This is excellent reading. Go ahead.

What are the chances of an economic collapse? Warning signs?

This information from the link below is by a qualified financial advisor .

He answers these questions for the average person who is not informed.

Read on. I recommend.


I will add more information and links in the comments section as l find them.

Please feel free to add or comment.

Islam and Christianity don’t mix.

The dialogue in the Bible and Quran makes these religions adversaries.

For those who read scripture as truth.

They can’t be reconciled together.

Let’s build the evidence.


Pakistani mobs riot and burn Christian houses and churches as a Pastor publishes Islamic blasphemy on Facebook.

Christian’s should leave Pakistan and move to a Christian friendly country.

Why tolerate this hate and fear in your daily life ?

Chinese radical social engineering of undesirables

The reports in newspapers are coming in daily about human control, manipulation, slave Labor camps, compulsory re programming,removal of children from their parents, people going missing,fabricated court trials.

Extreme fear of talking to people from other countries

The story below from this link describes how a family has been decimated by Chinese authorities because they are Muslim.

——————————— ————————

In the comments section from the link below. Comments’. I will post news and articles on this horrendous abuse of people who don’t fit into the CCP mould in China. Please feel free to post comments.

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