Pauline Hanson . One Nation.Australia. Asks the senate to block the ‘Great global reset’. The move was overwhelming rejected.

The level of ignorance of our politicians regarding world politics is jaw dropping. Scott Morrison Australian Prime minister voted for her motion.
Australians walk around with their head in sand. I blame the weak media who feed us endless sport and feel good entertainment.
Australia is not prepared at all for what is to come.
watch this interview with Pauline on ‘sky news: the outsiders.

The limitations of COVID 19 vaccine.

Oxford-Astra Zeneca efficacy rate 62%

Moderna vaccine 92% efficacy.

Professor Cunningham. Due to lack of data to early to tell effectiveness in the elderly .

Professor Cunningham on Astra Zeneca

‘ l have never seen a trial so polluted’

vaccine may not stop transmission but may reduce serious effects

we don’t know how long the vaccine will last( Dr Sorrell). It could be between 6 months and 2 yrs. We just don’t know. This is not like other longer lasting vaccines.

If you have had COVID 19. The antibodies produced start waning after 3 months

WHO says an efficacy rate of 50% is the minimum but prefers 70% during trials.

keep in mind the current vaccine rollout is before final testing stage. The global emergency has warranted early release in an attempt to arrest COVID spread and deaths.

The expectations of the effectiveness is quite low according to these statements.

There are no vaccines that can guarantee herd immunity.

Vaccines approved by regulators so far have only proved to reduce severity of the disease but not stop transmission. ( l thought that’s what a vaccine is. Stops transmissions. So this is just a medication to reduce dangerous symptoms).It is not known how long this vaccine ( reducing of symptoms ) will work.
Most vaccine development usually takes 20 to 30 yrs to complete!

We are still in the clinical trial stage and so the research is incomplete.

We are voluntary guinea pigs’. Hoping this rollout of vaccine will help?

DrVernon says we have to get the epidemic under control and lessen about the vaccine along the way.(Pretty much they are saying we don’t know if the current vaccines are going to work. They have no final data yet.

They hope to make better versions as time goes on. They say COVID is not going away any time soon. ( This infers we are going to be asked to take multiple doses of vaccine over a long time frame with absolutely no idea of the implications of multi dose side effects).



A 45 yr old female nurse has contracted the mutation Brazil virus strain after already contracting COVID 19 earlier. The symptoms were worse.

Fears the vaccines cannot prevent or be useful with this Brazilian strain

Multiple strains popping up all over the world. The Spanish flu 1913 took 2 yrs to mutate into a harmless variation

list of latest mutant strains that vaccines may or may not be effective.


A detailed collection of concerns about COVID 19 vaccine development and a long list of severe reactions including death. Some guinea pigs may never recover.

Read on..


I will list them as l find them and provide the source link.

Also l will add information in the comments section . Link below


Ok . I just read in article above that they don’t know if the vaccine will work. And in this next article it says we must have the vaccine to prevent transmission. ( l smell a dead fish’).

Two people with a history of allergy have had serious allergy side effects. It is recommended they not take it.

Also not recommended is children under 16 yrs and pregnant women.

The Pfizer vaccine ONLY has emergency approval as of writing ( Jan 2021 ).

Phase 3 trials of Pfizervaccine results currently not completed and ongoing.



Live abortion foetal tissue used in vaccine development.

A conscience vote does not allow me to support these type of vaccines using human embryo.

Read this report and view this video.

From a Bible endorsing Catholic Priest who interviews experts on this topic

The FDA ( food and drug administration) has published a long list of possible adverse reactions and disease that could be acquired from taking the vaccine.

If anything goes wrong legislation prevents you from litigation.

Read on from this link

You Are Here — Biblical End Times by

I was driving down the highway the other day when a thought suddenly occurred to me and the words audibly came out of my mouth, “You are here.” At first I wasn’t sure exactly how to explain what that meant. Then I was suddenly struck with the stark realization that everything I’ve been waiting for […]

You Are Here — By the Blood of the Lamb

Australian made and owned supermarket items

Since the CCP has been cancelling Australian exports into China like Barley, red meat, lobster, wine, timber and now coal. (2020/21 initially)

Also in protest of slave labour camps and unjust detention of dissidents and free spoken people in China


because the CCP have the Re-written the Holy Bible. !!!!

I have made a decision to boycott China owned and made products if possible

My efforts have been underway for a month now and the first hurdle was needing to take a pair of spectacles into the supermarket with me to read the small print.
The next problem to my horrors is the extent of Chinese imports into our supermarkets and in fact all of our stores.🥺

My next revelation was to find out some products made in England, Bangladesh, India etc were Chinese owned factories. Some likely slave Labor camps.

You must use a web browser ( may l suggest ‘DuckDuckGo’ ) to research the company information. You will be surprised.

I decided if l couldn’t buy made/owned in Australia , my default would be to purchase off our allies .( USA, UK, Europe, ew Zealand etc) or to buy in opportunity shops.

I also found out 95% of our plastics in Australia are imported from China.
If Australia supports the USA in defending Taiwan in the event of an invasion . China is likely to reciprocate by denying us critical imports like food wraps and trays. This would halt our food chain and supply would dry up in days of panic buying. We don’t have plastic making factories .

This is a national emergency. Surely the government has thought this through?

How could the ACCC allow such monopolies in Australia on our shelves?

We are in a precarious situation folks.!🥵

In the comments below l will add what l have done so far as to not buying CCP products including products with plastic wrap.
I will list Australian made and owned products and company information that l purchase. For example Sorbent toilet paper and Handee paper towel ( Solaris paper: listed on stock exchange )

Please feel free to add.

This is a long piece of research so one product at a time. Added in the comment section.

Continued in comment section . Click on link

Family doctor Dr Jereth Kok suspended by Australian medical board for social media posts

source: Family voice Australia. ‘On point ‘ magazine a January 2021.

Sounds like something the Chinese communist party would do. Not Australia. I say with heavy heart that we have lost the battle for free speech in Australia. BTW there was no battle. Australians have been observing this downward slide and attacks on our freedom to speak for a decade now.

You cannot hold down any job white or blue collar if you publish politically incorrect views on social media.

l felt saddened when l considered this doctor had studied for years at university to become a doctor. Held a successful practice for 15yrs. Now the rug is pulled out under his professional and family life. Gone!!

I can only advise. Never travel to China you may never return . Never trust media and people. Never voice your views if you want to hold a job or profession.
If you are not politically correct in your attitudes you will never be a doctor, teacher, nurse, Sportsman, lawyer, judge. The list is extensive. Let’s go further. Small business is lobbying to mandate compulsory vaccinations. That means if your an anti Vaccer you can’t work in small business.

As we continue to be bullied into submission by people, media and government l am reminded that authoritarian Communism is strangling our free western world.

I think it’s too late. I am not sure?
I hope Ex doctor Kok can find employment for his family and somehow have his self esteem restored. Maybe he will become a great freedom fighter taking donations from you and me.

Go to

In August 2019, GP Dr Jereth Kok was suspended indefinitely.
2 anonymous complaints about what he had said on social media.

Australian General Predicts China-US War — END TIMES PROPHECY

Many recent articles (including this one) have quoted Australian Jim Molan stating his views that we should expect Australia and the United States to be at war with China “in the next three to five years.” Molan, former Australian Army Major-General, now serves in Parliament (like a US Senator) and was reviewing Australia’s future military […]

Australian General Predicts China-US War — END TIMES PROPHECY

Alibaba founder Jack Ma is missing after criticising Chinese government and banks

Jack Ma is the 2nd richest man in China.

Famous as the founder of highly successful company Alibaba. I stumbled across this business when l was trying to find bags not made in China in the supermarket, Australia.

l bought paper bags as they said made in Vietnam. When l got home l googled who owned the company. It was Alibaba from China.

Recently Jack Ma has gotten on the wrong side of Chinese Authority. Apparently for criticising Chinese govt.

You see there is no free speech in China. Only the speech approved by central dictating office

Jack Ma was met by police and an inquiry into his office and affairs was solicited,

It is illegal to speak against China government

The article link above says Jack has been missing since Oct 2020. Personally l fear for his safety.

I have read dissidents can have their body parts donated for trans plant, no joke. They can be taken to slave Labor camps for re education. They can be in prison or home detention

China is ruling internally and internationally by fear. Our way or the highway.
Chinese govt is a global threat to freedom of speech and freedom generally

l am doing my best to boycott their goods in protest. Try going plastic free. 90 plus percent of plastic in Australia is imported from China and their factories Overseas. How could the ACCC and our govt allow this monopoly. This is a national emergency!!🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

I got suspended from Twitter. I dumped them.

Freedom of speech!

Yesterday the 1st of January 2020 l was suspended from twitter for posting .

“Re Vaccination. Caveat Emptor let the recipient beware”

l was not willing to undo my tweet as l thought that my comment is valid. We should research the risks and make an informed decision.

Personally l am fed up with all this petty politically correct bullying, cancel culture and degrading of the right to view your values and attitudes.

I have started this blog as an alternative where l comment on current news. Feel free to comment.

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