The limitations of COVID 19 vaccine.

Oxford-Astra Zeneca efficacy rate 62%

Moderna vaccine 92% efficacy.

Professor Cunningham. Due to lack of data to early to tell effectiveness in the elderly .

Professor Cunningham on Astra Zeneca

‘ l have never seen a trial so polluted’

vaccine may not stop transmission but may reduce serious effects

we don’t know how long the vaccine will last( Dr Sorrell). It could be between 6 months and 2 yrs. We just don’t know. This is not like other longer lasting vaccines.

If you have had COVID 19. The antibodies produced start waning after 3 months

WHO says an efficacy rate of 50% is the minimum but prefers 70% during trials.

keep in mind the current vaccine rollout is before final testing stage. The global emergency has warranted early release in an attempt to arrest COVID spread and deaths.

The expectations of the effectiveness is quite low according to these statements.

There are no vaccines that can guarantee herd immunity.

Vaccines approved by regulators so far have only proved to reduce severity of the disease but not stop transmission. ( l thought that’s what a vaccine is. Stops transmissions. So this is just a medication to reduce dangerous symptoms).It is not known how long this vaccine ( reducing of symptoms ) will work.
Most vaccine development usually takes 20 to 30 yrs to complete!

We are still in the clinical trial stage and so the research is incomplete.

We are voluntary guinea pigs’. Hoping this rollout of vaccine will help?

DrVernon says we have to get the epidemic under control and lessen about the vaccine along the way.(Pretty much they are saying we don’t know if the current vaccines are going to work. They have no final data yet.

They hope to make better versions as time goes on. They say COVID is not going away any time soon. ( This infers we are going to be asked to take multiple doses of vaccine over a long time frame with absolutely no idea of the implications of multi dose side effects).



A 45 yr old female nurse has contracted the mutation Brazil virus strain after already contracting COVID 19 earlier. The symptoms were worse.

Fears the vaccines cannot prevent or be useful with this Brazilian strain

Multiple strains popping up all over the world. The Spanish flu 1913 took 2 yrs to mutate into a harmless variation

list of latest mutant strains that vaccines may or may not be effective.


A detailed collection of concerns about COVID 19 vaccine development and a long list of severe reactions including death. Some guinea pigs may never recover.

Read on..


I will list them as l find them and provide the source link.

Also l will add information in the comments section . Link below


Ok . I just read in article above that they don’t know if the vaccine will work. And in this next article it says we must have the vaccine to prevent transmission. ( l smell a dead fish’).

Two people with a history of allergy have had serious allergy side effects. It is recommended they not take it.

Also not recommended is children under 16 yrs and pregnant women.

The Pfizer vaccine ONLY has emergency approval as of writing ( Jan 2021 ).

Phase 3 trials of Pfizervaccine results currently not completed and ongoing.



Live abortion foetal tissue used in vaccine development.

A conscience vote does not allow me to support these type of vaccines using human embryo.

Read this report and view this video.

From a Bible endorsing Catholic Priest who interviews experts on this topic

The FDA ( food and drug administration) has published a long list of possible adverse reactions and disease that could be acquired from taking the vaccine.

If anything goes wrong legislation prevents you from litigation.

Read on from this link

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